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The horn is the soul of the  orchestra...

"Robert Schumann"

Double Horn F/Bb

The basic design of our double horn dates back to 1909 when Gebr. Alexander introduced the famous model 103 with a changing valve in one plain. Our intention was to create a horn with some resistance, but enough space as well. The horn has a traditional bore of 12,1mm and a medium large body. The F and Bb side are very well balanced.
As we apply traditional manufacturing techniques also to our valved instruments you can expect a lifely repsonse and lots of colour if needed..

- Screw bell and different bell options
- average weight 2300 - 2500g
- bore 12,1 mm
- handsoldered body and leadpipe
- 360° adjustable finger hook and trigger
- Triggeroption F/Bb to Bb/F